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How is Precision Chiropractic different from other Albuquerque Chiropractic offices?

What sets Precision Chiropractic apart from other Albuquerque Chiropractic offices is our practice focus, NeuroStructural Correction. Most Albuquerque chiropractors are of the conventional variety, providing conventional methods and philosophies. The goals of a conventional chiropractor in Albuquerque are to decrease muscle spasm and to reduce pain and inflammation. I believe that most do a great job if you’re looking for a quick way to bandage your symptoms.

I am one of the few Albuquerque chiropractors that practices NeuroStructural Corrective Chiropractic. This means, unlike conventional chiropractic, we focus on fixing the problem rather than just addressing the symptoms. Your NeuroStructural Correction program will be designed for your individual needs. Your program will consist of NeuroStructural evaluations performed on each visit and the specific corrective adjusting method and/or techniques needed to restore proper NeuroStructural integrity and function.

At Precision Chiropractic, we believe you should have a chance to discover if we are the right solution for you before you invest your time, effort, and money in our office. We offer a complimentary consultation so your decision can be based on information, not speculation. The consultation is a 15-20 minute conversation; not an examination and not a high-pressure sales pitch common in the chiropractic profession. To request your complimentary consultation, please click the link below:

Request a Complimentary Consultation

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